Educating the
whole child.
Educating the
whole child.
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A K-7 public charter school in Harrisville, Utah.

Core Values

GreenWood Charter School supports and embraces diversity in all its forms, including differences in ethnicity, cultural and religious heritage, socio - economic background, geographic origin, and family structure. We strive to provide our students with a rich, inclusive, expeditionary learning experience that reflects the environment in which we live and to foster a safe atmosphere where every member of our community is respected and multiple viewpoints can be peacefully expressed. GreenWood Charter School actively seeks to achieve diversity in all aspects of school life including the composition of our student body, faculty, curriculum, administration, and board of directors. We believe this commitment to diversity will help our children successfully navigate the changing world they will one day inherit.

Our Motto: "Educating the Whole Child."

Our Purpose: GreenWood is chartered to educate students, engage parents and our community and create a culture of healthy habits in support of student academic growth.

Our Vision: Our vision is that GreenWood will create mindful learning conditions to optimize student growth, deepen teacher instruction and encourage family engagement. Our Teacher Trees and Family Suns will be inspiring models of growth for our Student Seedlings. Our vision of student achievement has three dimensions: Mastery of Academic Skills and Content, High-Quality Work, and Character.

Our Mission: The mission of GreenWood is to provide a quality, holistic education to all students by setting intention, committing to act and reflecting on growth. GreenWood advocates for student and family choice through our Core Values. These values guide our choices, support growth and altruistic behavior and encourage mindful action.

Our Core Values:

Healthy Habits
– We objectively analyze past experiences to improve our knowledge. We are passionate about excellence. We value conclusions drawn from the rigorous analysis of data and not merely from popular opinion. We practice self-control as we resist urges, fears, and peer pressure. We reflect.

Environmental Stewardship – We know our choices have consequences. We conduct every interaction honestly. We set intention. We commit to act. We reflect on growth and the impact of our decisions.We safeguard the environment and create positive change within our communities. Our commitment to the greater good transcends personal concerns. We are grateful.

Achievement – An open mindset and curiosity helps us ask questions that solve authentic problems. We strive to surpass yesterday's accomplishments, and prepare diligently to excel in every arena. We have the confidence to compete when success is not assured. We persevere in the face of challenge, and view every failure as the basis for a future success. We have grit.

Leadership – We assume personal responsibility for achieving extraordinary results and are accountable to each other. We collaborate for success, drawing on each other's complementary strengths and skills. We have trust for each other. We are optimistic.

Thinking Creatively We hunger to know more, and remain committed to continuous learning. We are driven to learn, to teach, to uncover the secrets of the natural world, and to expand the body of knowledge. We encourage and reward innovation and industry. We greet new ideas openly and optimistically. We have zest.

Honoring Diversity – We have compassion and respect for others. We develop the social intelligence necessary to embrace the diversity of people, perspectives, and ideas. We value honest relationships, communicate openly, and support each other. We collaborate for success, drawing on each other's complementary strengths and skills. We care.

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