Educating the
whole child.
Educating the
whole child.

A K-8 public charter school in Harrisville, Utah.

Weekly Reading Challenges

Weekly Family Reading Challenges:

August: Healthy Habits

1- Read a cookbook and try out a recipe with your family

2- Read a book or story about a farm. Visit one with your family if you can.

September: Environmental Stewardship

3- Read a book about a National Park. If you've been there look at photos and talk about the memories you've made

4- Read a Nonfiction book about your favorite animal.

5- Read a book about an insect, fact or fiction.

6- Read about Johnny Appleseed while eating an apple.

October: Achievement

7- Read a story that takes place at a school.

8- Read a book that has won an award, ie Newberry or Caldecott.

9- Read a book about a famous athlete.

10- Read a book that has become a movie. If possible, watch it afterwards with your family.

11- Read a spooky story in the dark with a flashlight.

November: Leadership

12- Read a story about a historical leader.

13- Read a story recommended by a parent. Give them your book review afterwards.

14- Read about the First Thanksgiving. Write a note of gratitude to someone.

15- Read a story to a younger child, pet or stuffed animal.

December: Think Creatively

16- Read a biography about an artist or musician. Be sure to look at their art or listen to their music.

17- Read a Fairy Tale or Tall Tale. Now write or tell someone your own.

18- Read a joke book. At dinnertime, tell a joke to your family.

19- Read a story about Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah with your family. Write a holiday card and deliver it to a neighbor.

January: Honoring Diversity

20- Read a book about another Country

21- Read a story about someone who overcame a difficulty.

22- Learn to count to ten in another language.

23- Read a book about Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks or another leader in Black History.

24- Read a book recommended by a grandparent or older relative.

February: Healthy Habits

25- Listen to an ebook while going for a walk with someone in your family.

26- Read a Love poem and write one for someone you love.

27- Read a book about one of our past Presidents of the United States

28- Read about how exercising our bodies helps us and write an exercise program for your family to try for a week.

March: Environmental Stewardship

29- Dr. Seuss week. Read as many Dr. Seuss books as you can, count them, and let Mrs. Grose and Mrs.Drake know how many you read.

30- Read a book where the main character is an animal.

31- Read a book that takes place in the mountains and go for a hike with your family.

32- Read a book about Space - fact or fiction.

April: Achievement

33- Read a "how-to" book and try it out. Take photos of your results and send to Mrs. Kidd.

34- Read a mystery. Write your prediction before the end of the book and see if your prediction was correct.

35-Read about an explorer or scientist. Tell someone what you learned.

36- Earth Week. Read about our beautiful planet while outside.

May: Leadership

37- Read a book that is older than your mom or dad.

38- Read a book with a friend. Take a selfie and send to Mrs. Kidd.

39- Read a book that you judged by its cover. Was your judgement correct?

40- Read a book that takes place in the future.

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