Educating the
whole child.
Educating the
whole child.

A K-8 public charter school in Harrisville, Utah.


Arts:  If you are interested in sharing your craft or artistic talents with our students, please email our art teacher, Lydia -

Compassion Crew/ GreenWood Angels: Organizing food, flowers, and care for families in times of need, sickness and bereavement. If you sign up for this crew you might circulate greeting cards for a family in need, bring care, food or flowers to a family on behalf of the school, find ways to otherwise support members of our school family during difficult times. Chair of this crew uses a list of willing volunteers to call on for food, cards, flowers, etc. to organize care for a family in need. Please contact the office. 

The Classroom Crew Volunteer is an integral support to student success in our GreenWood community.  We have multiple volunteer roles for each Class Crew:

  • Tutoring/ Centers
  • Class Parties: Halloween, Valentines, 100 Days of School, Earth Day/ Arbor Day
  • Boosterthon Fun Run
  • Day of Service
  • Fieldwork Drivers
  • Snacks
  • Recess Aide
  • Crossing Guard
  • Forest Crew
  • Experts

Environmental Education:  Email Dubois, to help with this crew as we bring awareness of the environment to our students, their families, and our community.

Experts Family Crew: The curriculum, mission, and Expeditionary Learning methodology encourages our partnering with field experts to provide real-world context and feedback to project-based learning from individuals who are highly-trained/ skilled in their field.  There is a special excitement in our Groves when we are anticipating the visit of a classroom guest who collaborates with our students as a professional partner to share research, give critique and analyze student work. We look for experts among parents to help bring student work from "nice" to professional!  Contact your student's teacher with information on an expert you know, or to share your expertise- we ALL have an expertise! Email Dubois, to help. 

Family Event Nights: Organize our monthly family gatherings for GreenWood families to come and build community. Summer Raptors Game, North Shore Swim Night, Fall Night, ect. Email Jayme,  if you are interested in helping organize these events:

    • Family Fall Night (October)
    • GreenWood Gives Back (December)
    • Family Game Night (March)

Forest Crew (Community Circle) is an EL School tradition, where we meet as a school community once a week to share and showcase our learning and to strengthen our community. Forest Crew teaches expectations in ceremonial situations, unites the community in a common focus/practice, builds a unified community, models and teaches respect for the various communities/attributes in a child's life. Under the direction of our Wellness Coach  Diana Sciandra, parents and community members are able to volunteer to support this Crew. Parents are always welcome and encouraged to participate by sharing their health and exercise habits, hobbies and life interests, and professions/ occupations with our students. Email to help or share an opportunity with our students centered around our HEALTH Values.

Fundraising Crew: Create and organize our family fundraiser events of the year: Back to School family donations, Tree and School Sponsorships and our Spring Fun Run/Walk. This crew works with our Board Fundraising Chair, Gina McInelly,

Gardens Family Crew: Caring for the school's gardens, planning and organizing community workdays for planting, leaf raking, litter pick up, spreading mulch in August, etc. If you sign up for this crew you might give ideas for workdays, participate in workdays, help to maintain the gardens around the school, make calls to other crew members. Coach D,, chairs this crew and oversees activities related to our gardens. Volunteers will help coordinate class involvement in the gardens, providing expertise and direction to the students. Please contact the office for information. 

Indoor School Beautification Crew: Beautifying school interior, hallways, bulletin boards, etc. If you sign up for this crew you might brainstorm about projects to beautify the school interior, or work with other parents on decor projects. Chair of this crew oversees activities, schedules workdays and keeps in touch with other crew members and staff. Work with the office to help our school be beautiful! Please contact the office for information. 

Library Crew: Collect books, read to students, shelve books, or helping to check books in/out to classes, looking for book grants, etc. If you sign up for this crew we would want you to commit to a morning or afternoon in the library each week or every other week to read to students and help check in/out books. You might work the Book Fair, help to schedule volunteers or contact crew members for other help. Email to help.

Parent Education Night Crew: Collectively creating an educational forum for issues of interest to parents, this crew is comprised of parents, community members and staff to address concerns of social interest to educate parents and students. If you sign up for this crew you might brainstorm about parent education, support students and parents in times of discord, offer mediation support, help with program presentations such as positive discipline, leadership training, surviving the difficult times for students and parents, strive to a create a healthy social community at GreenWood. Email if you are interesting in helping with this crew.

    • EL 101, Expedition Preview Night (September)
    • Parenting Support Night (January)

Recycling Crew: Once a week collect and deposit recycling materials from TerraCycle Brigades and assist with common collection areas such as the office, gym and picnic area as well as maintain the recycling area. Please email the office,, to help organize our recycling efforts.

Safety Crew: We need  a dozen parents every day to make pick-up and drop-off work for our families.  We also will help with fieldwork and camping safety protocol, carpool –set up pick up and drop off guidelines, and stock/maintain classroom preparedness buckets. Email Misty Biesinger  if you are interested in helping with this crew.

School Board: GreenWood's Board of Directors maintains a list of individuals who have expressed a willingness to serve on its board. If you would like to be placed on this list and considered for a future position on the board, please submit a cover letter and resume to Tracey Nelsen Candidates for a position on the board must:

    • Understand and support the GreenWood Charter (available online)
    • Understand the importance of team leadership and a separation of governance and management of the work of the school
    • Understand the roles and responsibilities of a Board Member
    • Be willing to attend meetings as required and fulfill all responsibilities associated with the position
    • Must clear a background check

When seeking to fill vacancy, a selection of candidates will be chosen and interviewed at a Board Meeting. Board position(s) are determined by a majority vote from the Board of Directors. 

STAFF APPRECIATION Crew: Responsible for organizing activities during staff and teacher appreciation week, occurring the first week of May including a luncheon; and acknowledging staff on holidays and birthdays, and other thoughtful ways of showing our staff how much we love their work at GreenWood and work with other GreenWood families to brainstorm ways to support teachers and staff. Chair of this crew oversees activities and organizes staff appreciation week.

Yearbook:  Take photos at school and school events weekly, tag and organize pictures with student names.  Please contact the office if you are interested in helping with the yearbook. 

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