Educating the
whole child.
Educating the
whole child.

A K-8 public charter school in Harrisville, Utah.

The McInelly Family

On the eve of our 3rd FIRST DAY of SCHOOL, meet one of our founding families: The McInelly Crew: "WE CHOOSE GREENWOOD!" My name is Gina McInelly, and I am not only a member of the Board for GreenWood, but a parent of five amazing, rambunctious kids, four of whom are GreenWood students. I was introduced to GreenWood in the planning stages, and was blessed with the opportunity to serve on the Board of Directors. It has been incredible to watch this school grow from the beginning phases! The experiences my kids have had throughout the development of GreenWood are priceless, from helping to cut the ribbon at the Ribbon Cutting Celebration, to helping develop a tutoring program for the younger students. Many of the students at GreenWood feel a deep sense of ownership over their learning!

My children went from having one hour of P.E. per week, to a variety of P.E. classes four times per week. They practice not only physical fitness and sports, but yoga, drumming, dance and outdoor exploration. GreenWood has a full-time art teacher with her own classroom! I absolutely love that my kids are not only learning their core skills, they are also practicing daily mindfulness, setting their intentions in daily crew, learning and practicing environmental stewardship, and experiencing life changing opportunities, not only within their community, but outside of the traditional neighborhood boundaries. The teachers at GreenWood encourage each student to achieve their very best, while promoting self-confidence and self-awareness. Some highlights of my kids' experiences with GreenWood this past two years include:
a four-day camping trip to Zion's National Park, where they shared what they'd learned about the endangered desert tortoise with park visitors from around the world
an overnight campout at Camp Kiesel, where they hiked, painted, took water samples from the river, and performed hands-on studies of creatures in the water
healthy lunch options and opportunities to try different seasonal fruits and veggies
classes in health and nutrition (My kiddos come home with rave reviews when they've made smoothies and wraps in class!)
the opportunity to be who they are and to learn in ways that are best for them
opportunities to participate in a wide variety of after-school clubs (Favorites include story-telling, skateboarding, and skiing, to name a few!)
We are excited to see what 2017-2018 brings! GROW GREENWOOD!!!

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