Educating the
whole child.
Educating the
whole child.

A K-8 public charter school in Harrisville, Utah.

The Keyes Family

WE CHOOSE GREENWOOD: Meet the Keyes Family.

"Our family chooses GreenWood because at GreenWood my kids are nourished, challenged, and empowered. They are helped along their journey to become their best selves.

I love that my kids love going to school each day. I love that they feel cared about by teachers, administrators, and their friends. And I love that they are taught how to overcome difficulties and failures and see them as growing experiences. At GreenWood they are learning compassion, empathy and kindness. They learn to care about others, to value diversity and to be environmental stewards. How many times do they remind me to not let the car idle, to turn off the lights or water, and to recycle?! I love it and love that these children are being prepared to live in a world that needs these values so very much.

At GreenWood my kids have learned so much academically. They have each improved in reading, math and science. In large part, I think because greenwood teachers teach the way that kids learn. Teachers encourage conversation, discussion and hands-on experiential learning. They encourage kids to look at learning as a journey, not a destination. The emphasis in the classroom is not the test, but the actual learning.I love that as they learn through projects, field work, and expeditions, they remember, internalize and connect with whatever the subject matter is.

At GreenWood, learning is not just about scores, it is about curiosity, engagement, and collaboration. Learning is active, and helped so much by an hour of physical activity every day! The teaching and learning is authentic, focused on the student as a whole, and it is, in my opinion, simply the way school should be.

And as much as I am happy about their academic progress, I am just as thrilled about the way they've grown as people. They have learned to be mindful--to eat, breathe, and walk mindfully. They have learned to meditate for short periods of time, and to really think about what it is they are feeling. They have been empowered to choose how they want to feel and respond, by learning these life-changing mindfulness skills. They don't just react every time, they think and then choose. My kids have learned how to take responsibility for their own learning, to be part of the crew, not just a passenger! I love it and I am learning so much from them!

As we start the new school year, my family is grateful for and excited about being part of the GreenWood community, and we are rested and ready for this next leg of the journey! #howdoyougw

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