Educating the
whole child.
Educating the
whole child.

A K-8 public charter school in Harrisville, Utah.

The Howerton Family

WE CHOOSE GREENWOOD! Meet the Howerton Family. Why do they choose GreenWood? "When choosing which school our children would go to it was important to us that they got to learn more then just reading, writing and math. This school has given our children so much more then that. Here is just a short list of some of the reasons why we love Greenwood.

1. They get to be creative in their art class.
2. They have a nutrition and health class. They have a lunch room where the salad is first and it is cool to eat your vegetables and fruit!
3. Learning about and using mindfulness has been wonderful for them.
4. We also love the natural playground that they get to explore and learn in. It is exciting to watch kids run around, using their imagination, using bug nets, bonding and exploring together.
5. We have a great time with other families at the family nights, and volunteering on fieldwork.
6. We have active kids and they love being able to be outside and explore through the Environmental Education program and variety of PE coaches. Yes, you read that right, a variety of coaches. Greenwood has four different ways and coaches to teach kids about physical activity from yoga, sports, drumming, hiking, running, dancing and more.
7. We also all had a blast camping, learning and teaching others this last year. Going to Zion's National Park and Camp Browning was an incredible experience for our family. We love that our children got to learn about a variety of subjects and then actually put those practices to use. What a priceless experience they received from this."

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