Educating the
whole child.
Educating the
whole child.

A K-8 public charter school in Harrisville, Utah.

The Bunner Family

WE CHOOSE GREENWOOD! Meet the Bunner Family. Why do they choose to learn and grow at GreenWood? "The ultimate goal for education for my children is that they get a lifelong love of learning. I home-schooled for 2 years. I researched every educational theory that I came across. When home-school was no longer an option for financial reason I looked into the charter schools in the area. After reading Last Child in the Woods, I knew the kind of school I wanted for my kids, but doubted that type of school existed. Then I found GreenWood!

GreenWood covered everything a parent could dream of in education. I love their focus on nature and health. They teach the whole child, something I feel is majorly lacking in education today. My boys are learning to be mindful of their actions and to be intentional in the things they do. I think all of the concerns that pushed me to home-school in the first place are appeased at GreenWood.
GreenWood has accomplished something that I struggled to do for years, my oldest son can actually focus on a project and see it through to completion. He is writing stories and loving putting out quality work. This was my youngest son's first year in public school. There were definitely some adjustments.
His teachers were so understanding and kept open communication with me to help him grow at GreenWood. I was nervous putting my youngest in public school because I taught him a grade ahead in home-school, because that is where his skill set was. GreenWood keeps him challenged and he continues to learn(and most importantly he continues to love learning).
There is this atmosphere of a focus on fun in learning rather than cramming children with facts for tests. I love the hands on aspects of learning that get the kids involved. When I ask my kids what they learned in school they can actually tell me...that's if I even get to ask, they are usually bursting at the seams to tell me about their day at school. When I look at the long term plan of GreenWood and their forests, something in me just jumps with joy for a dream come true. There needs to be more schools like this. Near the end of the school year I got involved with the garden crew, just when I thought the school couldn't get any better they put in a garden. Our family is big on nature, and I know the more my kids are in nature the better they do academically. I also know that if we want the next generation to take care of this planet they need to learn to fall in love with nature. GreenWood is headed in the right direction and I hope education in general follows."

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