Educating the
whole child.
Educating the
whole child.

A K-8 public charter school in Harrisville, Utah.

Phone Extensions

Ashbaker, Jani154
Behling, Karl185
Blair, Rachel401
Biesinger, Misty114
Bauer, Scott284
Clark, Kathryn183
Carlson, Ryley163
DeMars, Henry186
Dickson, Camilla286
Drake, Jamie159
Ercanbrack, Terynemail
Faiola, Hailey184
Florence, Cassidy283
Grose, Julie159
Harmon, Abrianne164
Harris, Kathleen156
Hope, KaSandra182
Kidd, Jessie115
Michels, Ashley155
Nelsen, Tracey285
Opheikens, Tiffany294
Ownby, Victoria287
Peterson, Kylie187
Revelle, Andrew288
Roberts, Alycia407
Roylance, Peggy402
Sandal, Jill157
Sciandra, Dianaemail
Stewart, Lydia408
Tayrien, Susie158
Thomas, Sarena403
Wilcox, Sarah293
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