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Educating the
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A K-7 public charter school in Harrisville, Utah.

Reading Groups

Dear Families,

I would like to offer a Jump Start into your Child's Summer Reading starting on Thursday, May 4th at 3:30 p.m. We will go until 5 p.m. Invited students will be those I have worked with most of the year in grades 3-6. I ask that you have your child bring a snack as we are all typically hungry after school. Below are some of the activities we will do that involve literacy.

If you have interest, wonderful, but please do not force your child to attend. I truly prefer to have students that want to join us and do not feel coerced. Even if our numbers are small, we will meet weekly. The goal of this program is to boost your child's attitude, skills and motivation for reading prior to the start of summer. The best way to improve as a reader is to read! Whatever your current reading level, reading more often will improve fluency, accuracy and comprehension.

Here are some of the things we will do!

1) Take an informal reading inventory! There will be plenty of choices involved!

2) Talk about reading, in a safe circle format, beginning with what we like and don't like about it. I will share my story of going from a somewhat uninspired to an avid reader.

3) Read books individually and in pairs, out loud and silently. Read anywhere in the class or outside (within visual view) of our classroom.

4) Do Lexia Core 5 if a child wishes to get more experience/practice/time with this school-wide online computer program.

5) Sing songs with words in hands, along with c.d.'s, my guitar, drums and various other instruments.

6) See the value of reading both fiction and non-fiction books through the highlighting of some favorites with Read-Aloud.

Possibly take a library field trip including the major libraries in this area.

7) Start a journal about yourself as a reader. Use it to read, write, draw and keep in touch with another classmate, and your teacher, about reading. Those students that have interest will be able to share their reading adventures, via email with me, over the summer.

8) Perform some Reader's Theatre/theater plays over our time together!

9) Check out books from Ms. Marianne's class and then do a small write-up of why you liked or did not like the book. Would you recommend it to others? If a student chooses, they can do a brief oral report of the book instead of written.

The sky is the limit! On our first meeting together, all of us will brainstorm other ideas related to reading.

Looking forward to reading with YOU! Please R.S.V.P. if your child will be able to attend. We will meet starting on Thursday, May 4th until our school year ends.

Ms. Marianne Christian

Reading Specialist

Greenwood Charter School

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