Educating the
whole child.
Educating the
whole child.
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A K-7 public charter school in Harrisville, Utah.

Multi-age Classrooms

Why Multi-age Classrooms?

  • Students will be with a teacher for two years, making the transition to a new "grade/level" easier for returning students, and less time is spent identifying where the kids are and getting to know the kids so more time can be spent on curriculum.
    • The new students quickly pick up on the classroom environment because the returning students act as role models and support.
    • This also increases parent involvement because the teacher has the time to build a meaningful relationship with the parent for two years.
  • Classrooms are student centered and targeted directly to what the student needs.
    • Lesson are targeted to small group learning that both extend and remediate
    • Students become problem solvers- They can't always rely on the teacher so figuring out ways to get their questions answered (i.e.-using the older peers)
  • Provides opportunities for students to learn leadership skills, teaching skills (i.e-an "expert" kid teaching a concept/helping a struggling student), and appropriate social behavior with students outside of their age range.
    • This arrangement more closely reflects the diverse social situations students will face in middle school and high school as well as the future work place.
  • Students become exposed to various grade level materials.
    • A third grader will learn a lot by simply listening to a "fourth grade level" lesson, and can use higher thinking skills to apply the knowledge to their ability level
  • Multi-age classrooms pay attention to learning styles, and multiple intelligences-allowing for more student motivation and interest
  • Competition and comparison is lessoned and in some instances removed because students are taught that everyone works at their own level, and each student has their own strengths and weaknesses.
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