Educating the
whole child.
Educating the
whole child.

A K-8 public charter school in Harrisville, Utah.

Health & Wellness

Healthy Menu Options

We believe that a healthy child is a more confident child and does better academically, socially, and physically. It is important that we give our children good nutrition in order for their brain, body, and immune system to develop properly. GreenWood will support local farmers and provide our students fresh food, organic as is possible. There will be no vending machines on site, and birthdays will be celebrated with song and dance not processed treats from the grocery store.

Movement and Mindfulness

Our children live in a world of busy parents, video games, pressure from school and peers, sports, and extra-curricular activities—our kids are more stressed than we think. Studies have shown that incorporating movement in school decreases stress levels, increases focus and creativity, increases test scores, and decreases absenteeism. At GreenWood, students will start their day with a mindful class meeting—Crew—setting intention for a successful day of growth, kindness and patience. Teachers will begin class activities with mindfulness and end with reflection before the next transition. Students will be silent in the lunch line, mindfully preparing to select their food.


Promised in our Charter, GreenWood will provide movement for students every day in support of our Prescription for Health. Over the past three decades, obesity rates in America have tripled. Studies show that overweight, inactive kids are likely to remain overweight as adults. Regular exercise improves coordination, balance, strengthens bones and muscles, and improves overall health. In addition to the physical benefits of exercise, exercising also promotes social skills. We look forward to happier, healthier kids!

Mindset for Health Cards are due every Wednesday to record the progress of your student's healthy habits and to remind and document family service hours each week. This hour of volunteering a week is fulfills your annual 30 hour/year volunteer commitment.This service can be to our school, to each other, and/or to our community. Any volunteering done by any member of your family "counts" toward your 30 hours of service this year.Help each other- offer to babysit one another's children, carpool once a week, serve in the kitchen, or help us at recess, email teachers to help in or out of the class, and volunteer in your neighborhood or community!We want to be a service learning school, and know that this starts in the home with your great examples!

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