Educating the
whole child.
Educating the
whole child.

A K-8 public charter school in Harrisville, Utah.


Carpooling helps a lot! If you are able, please carpool! Maybe you don't know your area to know with whom you can make arrangements? Our IT Program, Compass, has created a nifty tool for our families to be able to sign-up and find other families in your area. We have attached the Compass Portal document that will walk you through how to use this service, and encourage you to do so. Think of the impact one less trip could have on your day, your week, and the great connections you will make with other GreenWood families! Please log in to your Compass Parent Portal to coordinate efforts with other families in your neighborhood to carpool to GreenWood.

Some "noticings" we have learned that may help:

  1. Stagger your pick-up times. Our Early Grove and Kinder students are first out, with Middle and Early Groves coming later. If you have only a Middle Grove or Upper Grove student, and circumstances allow, please wait until 3:40 to pick up your student to free up some of the congestion in the drive. 
  2. Turn off the car. We have noticed many parents coming super early to park out front to secure a front pick-up spot. We understand, but ask that cars are turned off, to keep the pollution down. (Our "idle free zone" signs are coming to remind parents of this important request.)
  3. Pick a lane. We have asked our staff and teachers to carpool. Inside lane is to park and walk up to school to pick up student. We will also park on the east side to free up more parking for our families in the middle.
  4. Pull as far forward as possible before stopping to pick up your students. We strive to move as many cars off the highway as we can as efficiently as possible. We will keep the sidewalks clear and send students to meet you, once your vehicle has come to a complete stop. 
  5. Please follow our Safety Officers. These are volunteers willing to help each morning and afternoon to keep our families safe. Sign-up in the office to help with a morning or afternoon shift. Please model our HEALTH Values for your students by following the rules and respecting our volunteers.

PM Pick-up

Teachers will escort their students to the front of the building. Teachers will wait with their students until pick-up or until 3:45pm. Color zones have been established for help with AFTERNOON pick-up to help our families find their students more efficiently. These zones are for student purposes only, a vehicle does not need to wait for their student in the zone. We will send students to you once your vehicle has come to a complete stop. 

  • Families whose youngest student is a Kinder wiill wait in the YELLOW zone WITH their siblings/carpool.
  • Families whose youngest student is a 1st or 2nd Grade student will wait in the BLUE zone WITH their siblings/carpool.
  • Families whose youngest student is a 3rd-5th Grade student will wait in the ORANGE zone WITH their siblings and/or carpool and wait until 3:45 to pick-up students.
  • Families whose youngest or only student is a 6th-7th Grade student will wait in the GREEN zone and wait until 3:45pm to pick-up students. 
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